JunBobKim to Draw Urusla Wilde!

Urusula Wilde by Bryant, McBride & Kim

Steve Bryant of Athena Voltaire fame, working closely with Molly McBride, has asked me to take on the role of pencils and inks for the upcoming project Urusla Wilde! After mere cursory look through the pitch and the scripts, I am on board! Although he had originally intended to do the writing and the art chores himself, with Athena Voltaire being back in regular schedule, he decided to look for an alternative.

Although I don’t have the distinct gracefulness in the way Steve draws women, I jumped at the opportunity because I believe I can bring my A-game to the table. I should add that the simple opportunity to collaborate with Steve alone would have been reason enough for me to accept the job. Through each interaction with Steve, my respect for him as a person and a comic creator grows witnessing first hand his humility, kindness & fairness.

As far as the work is concerned, I LOVE the dynamics and the energy Steve, Molly and I have in collaboration. Great things are to come from this, my friends.

I have finished my version of the character sketches for the main team and have already begun work on pages for issue one. The first miniseries is subtitled “Sorcerer Pope” and will be published by Ape Entertainment. Those interested can read up on existing contents  and follow the progress and news by visiting the Ursula Wilde Production Diary. I will be adding some new images in the coming weeks.

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