Fallen Heroes Gains Traction!

A great friend and a fantastic British author Barry Nugent had commissioned me a while back to create the cover to his self-published novel Fallen Heroes. It was my first-ever book cover design and thoroughly enjoyed working with Barry through the process. As dedicated as Barry had been in promoting the book, it is only recently that he is finally beginning to see some forward progress on his book.

After the Branch Manager of Waterstone’s Northampton stocked some signed copies in the store, she reports great response. I am so excited for Barry and wish that this is only a beginning to even greater things to come. I do recommend this book highly and suggest you try out some preview pages right here. You can even order your very own copy from the same page.

Here are some photos of the book on the shelf that Barry had taken…

Barry Nugent's Fallen Heroes with JunBobKim Cover Barry Nugent's Fallen Heroes with JunBobKim Cover

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