JunBob, A Comic Genius?

JunBob's Article Referenced on the Sunday FrontpageWhen your friend knows somebody that knows somebody that is somebody that works at the newspaper… and he drops them story lead… and the paper approaches you for a Sunday paper human interest story… what do you think you’ll say? Well, I’d say the idea of getting interviewed by the local newspaper is TOTALLY GENIUS!!! Oh, how little did I know that the Longview News Journal writer Glen Evans would use the word in the actual word in the title.

Longview News Journal Calls JunBob a Comic Genius...So as wonderful as the article was with 2 pages chock  full of words and images, that wonderful choice of words for the title just armed my dear friends with enough ammo to give me continual grief for the next decade.

All jokes aside, this was a tremendous honor and helped finally validate my comic art interest with my parents. Thank you ShawnO for hooking me up!

Update [04/03/2007]: The online version of the article has been archived on Longview News Journal website and is now only available to registered, paid subscribers. If you’re interested in reading the article (along with the online version’s missing images from the printed version), just send me an e-mail for the PDF copy.

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