I’m Proud to be an American~

Jun Speaks at his Naturalization CeremonyWell, today marked the day! It was my long-awaited Naturalization ceremony, during which I officially became a U.S. Citizen! It was 1985 since we left my birthplace of South Korea… and it truly has been a long road! I have so much to be thankful for… and so many people to thank that made this possible. Many of you that have commissioned me for artworks have played a part in my accumulating the necessary funds to pay for the process. THANK YOU. This is a happy day!

7 thoughts on “I’m Proud to be an American~

  1. Oh, yeah… I’ve been looking forward to that jury duty and the $2 full work day compensation! 😀 Funny thing is that the photo shows me standing up from my seat, which also happened to be in the jury box.

  2. Never too late for the festivities! Thank you John.

    Gosh, I need to update my blog… so much has happened in the past few months… but I’ve been slacking!!!

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