Dallas Comic Con – A Weekend to Remember

Dallas Comic Con… it’s a small size, family environment convention that usually serves as an “excuse” for me to be able to go out of town and hang out with a group of guys. Not only a chance to spend some needed time with my homie Shawn Ormes, and the Half Hour Wasted hosts Brad Milyo and Frank Rincon. I was planning on doing some 50 cent bin diving and meeting a few comic book celebrities such as Steve Niles, Terry Moore, Tim Bradstreet, Bob Layton, Cully Hamner, Scott Kurtz, etc. The show was a blast and getting to meet fellow HHW listener Bob Heine was great too.

After Dinner with Bob Layton. From Left: Shawn Ormes, me, Bob Layton, Brad Milyo (kneeling), Sorah Suhng, & Frank Rincon.What I did not know was that on Saturday evening I would be given the honor of getting to know better the comic legend himself – Bob Layton! Not only was Bob generous enough to spare his time to critic my portfolio but gave us (Shawn, Brad, Frank, and I) a chance to dine with him and his assistant, the fabulous Sorah Suhng, at the Korea House restaurant that evening. To top it off, my lovely wife Krista joined us later that evening.


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