Michael, He Always in Bad Mood!

Kris Vallotton Remembers Bob Jones 'Michael, He Always in Bad Mood!'
Kris Vallotton Remembers Bob Jones ‘Michael, He Always in Bad Mood!’

Some of my favorite things in life are great stories, kickass drawings, natural humor, and inspirational moments. When my lovely friends introduced me to this video by Kris Vallotton, I was inspired, deeply moved, and left with such strong visual impression in my mind that I had to put ink to paper to express it. It was exhilarating to illustrate a kingdom story about kingdom people. Thank you Kathy Graham Kyles, my wonderful sister and a fantastic fellow artist, for introducing me to the video as well as Kris Vallotton! 😅

To fully appreciate the story behind this painting, watch this awesome video clip by Kris Vallotton on Facebook

or on YouTube

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