Kid Midas – Coloring Contest for a Chance to Get Published!

Eric White, a friend from the CGS forums, approached me for drawing the cover for the third CGS anthology book. The name of the character is Kid Midas, a golden robot created by powerful beings called Visionaries.
Here’s the description he gave me:

Kid Midas: A kid robot, built by a Visionary of an alternate universe and crossed over to this universe, he now hangs out with this Visionary and enjoys being the sidekick to the greatest hero on the planet. Midas is a golden robot, built by the techno-god of the other universe. He uses a metal slingshot and is an expert shot, sending little balls of golden fire at his enemies.
He is extremely agile and loves to take chances, much to Visionary’s dismay. I see him as a steam-robot, so if you get a design where you want to place steam vents in unlikely (or likely places) like his knees, hips, or shoulders, that’d be cool.

The cool thing is that there’s a coloring contest is being held for this cover. Anyone with the skillz can participate here: Contest Thread on HueDoo Forum

4 thoughts on “Kid Midas – Coloring Contest for a Chance to Get Published!

  1. In order to color it right, what color is he? Metal color like a terminator or golden or what color?

    And most important, thank you for the chance!

  2. Well, as the creator of Kid Midas, I wanted to thank you for your visual version of the character. Looks great. Love it. Thanks. I look forward to seeing that cover on the book!

    Blackscarf on the CGS forums

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Andy. I’m glad you approve. I tried to incorporate the steampunk design sense while making his agility believable.

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