Cover – Forgotten Warriors

Barry Nugent's Forgotten Warriors Finished Cover by Jun Bob Kim
Cover to Barry Nugent’s Forgotten Warriors, the sequel to his Fallen Heroes.
Penciled & Inked on 11″x17″ Bristol Art Board. Digitally Colored.

A British author Barry Nugent had commissioned me a while back to create the cover to his self-published novel Fallen Heroes. It was my first-ever book cover design and thoroughly enjoyed working with Barry through the process. He was both gracious and patient in turning to me for the cover to the sequel, Forgotten Warriors.

Barry Nugent's Forgotten Warriors Book Inked Cover by Jun Bob Kim
Barry Nugent’s Forgotten Warriors Cover Art Inked.
Barry Nugent's Forgotten Warriors Pencils by Jun Bob  Kim
Barry Nugent’s Forgotten Warriors Book Cover Art Penciled.

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