Michael San Giacomo’s Chalk Cover

Cover to Michael San Giacomo’s CHALK.
Penciled & Inkwashed on 11″x17″ Bristol Art Board. Digitally Colored.

Michael and I go way back to 2003, when he had originally pitched Chalk with me doing the art. The project did not find a publishing home at that time. After character design, a few sample pages & three covers, I had eventually moved on from the project. Since then Mike found a different penciler for the interior & pursued self-publishing. He plans to release the OGN this year & “brought the band back together” by asking me to do the covers.

If you “dig around” you should be able to find my original Chalk covers & pages. Good hunting! šŸ™‚

Mike San Giacomo’s CHALK Cover without Title Block by Jun Bob Kim
Mike San Giacomo’s CHALK Cover Art Inks by Jun Bob Kim
Mike San Giacomo’s CHALK Cover Art Pencils by Jun Bob Kim

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