Athena Voltaire vs. Anubis’ Army of Mummies

First of all, if you haven’t checked out Athena Voltaire, you’re missing out on one of the most pulpy comic book goodness of our time. Created by my friend and collaborator, Steve Bryant, the books unveil the story of an adventure-bound aviatrix who encounters all sorts of mysteries in the veins of Indiana Jones.

When Athena was named the theme for ComicTwart contributors, an art blog made up of several fantastic industry artists, I jumped at the chance to do my own play-along version. What you may notice on my inked version of “Athena Voltaire vs. Anubis’ Army of Mummies” is that Anubis’ body is solid black unlike the pencils. During the inking stage, I noticed that the details of his body contour was distracting and the solid black helped frame Athena better as the focus center.

Finished piece inked solid and with a bit of ink wash on 11″x17″ Bristol board.


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