JSA Sketch Challenge #30JSA30Days

The #30JSA30Days was my first attempt at daily sketching. It was both incredibly rewarding and challenging at the same time. By trying to constraint myself to spend no more than 30 minutes on the sketch, it was an opportunity for me to really stretch myself in terms of loosening up my style and taking some chances. Although starting the challenge 5 days into the month put me in a constant catch-up mode, it was one more thing that propelled me to really go faster. Either the experience wasn’t painful enough or I’m a total glutton-for-punishment as I’m taking on the #30Avengers30Days (in short #30AVGR30Days) sketch challenge starting tomorrow! Thanks for following me and encouraging me along the way, everyone!
30 JSA Sketches in 30 Days – Gallery:

Golden Age JSA - HawkmanGolden Age JSA - Green LanternGolden Age JSA - FlashGolden Age JSA - HourmanGolden Age JSA - Wonder WomanGolden Age JSA - Doctor FateGolden Age JSA - SandmanGolden Age JSA - SpectreGolden Age JSA - AtomGolden Age JSA - Johnny ThunderboltGolden Age JSA - SupermanGolden Age JSA - Doctor Mid-NiteGolden Age JSA - BatmanGolden Age JSA - Mr. TerrficGolden Age JSA - StarmanGolden Age JSA - Black CanaryGolden Age JSA - WildcatSilver Age JSA - Red TornadoSilver Age JSA - Robin

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