Officially Open for Commissions.

Alright… here it goes. I am officially open to accepting commissions! Already 2 have signed up… and since a comment from Bryan Deemer at Comic Geek Speak started the latest string of commissions, I am offering the first 10 commissions a free sketch also.
It took me a while, but I’ve gathered the information together. For more information, check out the Art Commission Info & Request Form.

Human Fly? What in the World?!

So, those crazy greeks on Comic Geek Speak throw out not just a 70’s Marvel Fanpic Challenge, but Jamie D ups the ante with a suggestion for Human Fly.

Human Fly? Human FLY? I don’t need to stinkin’ Human Fly!

So needless to say, I went ahead and painted one up. 🙂

Second Chance Illustrated for Comic Geek Speak.

So, the episodes of Comic Geek Speak of “creating a new character” inspired me to do some sketches. As far as the forum is concerned, I’m contributing after a whole generation of forum had past, etc. So far, good feedback is given and the part that pleases me the most is that many are agreeing that I am “staying in theme” with the character descriptions.

I’ve been having fun doing the sketches, but I’m afraid the fun sketches will have to slow down so I can devote more time to the Issue Zero of the project.