01. Instructions

A. Rates & Descriptions


Commissions are finished art that are most commonly illustrated on 11″x17″ papers (Other sizes available). Commissions usually feature full body figure(s) of the characters requested. None or minimal backgrounds are drawn by default.

Ink Commission: Up to 2 characters $100. Additional: $30 per character.
Pencil Commission: Up to 2 characters $75. Additional: $30 per character.

I am currently not taking any commissions.


Sketches are done on 8.5″x11″ paper by default and also in sketchbooks. Sketches are not as “refined” as commissions and will often feature half+ of the figure. It is strongly recommended the sketch requests are limited to 1 characters, no more than 2, as more will make for small characters on the finished product. No backgrounds.

Ink Sketch: Up to 1 characters $50. Additional: $20 per character.
Pencil Sketch: Up to 1 characters $30. Additional: $20 per character.

I am currently not taking any commissions.

Colored / Digital / Others:

A quote can be provided for other types of commissions. Requesting likeness of a real-life person will incur additional charges. Please inquire separately, either using the commission form or the contact form.

B. Workflow

Once the form has been submitted, I will contact you directly via e-mail to confirm the details of your request. Once I begin work on a piece, commissions can often take between 1-2 weeks and sketches 2-3 days to complete, depending on the complexity of the artwork and my current workload.

A scan of the finished artwork will be e-mailed to you as a proof of work completed, along with a quote for the shipping method of your choice. Within 5 business days of full payment, your commissioned artwork will be shipped, securely packaged.

C. Media

By default, all commissions are done on 11”x17” Strathmore® Bristol Board and sketches on 8.5″x11″.

Upon request, a comic book art board with pre-ruled non-photo blue ink lines can be used instead.

Please consult me if you’d like to have your artwork done in different dimensions.

6H-2B range of pencils are used for pencil commissions.

Inks are done using permanent India black ink, various sable brushes, variety of pen tips & technical pens for details.

D. MUST-READ Details

Commissions that costs $150 or more will require 25% down-payment to initiate the process.

A request for backgrounds will incur additional charges of $35 minimum, and more for very complex backgrounds. Upon review of the background description, exact quote will be supplied. The workflow time frame is an estimated time of actual work performed.

The entire timeframe, from start to end, may take longer depending on several factors, including my workload before your commission started. I will provide a more realistic time frame each time work is actually commissioned.

No nudes or adult-theme commissions please.