JunBob, A Comic Genius?

JunBob's Article Referenced on the Sunday FrontpageWhen your friend knows somebody that knows somebody that is somebody that works at the newspaper… and he drops them story lead… and the paper approaches you for a Sunday paper human interest story… what do you think you’ll say? Well, I’d say the idea of getting interviewed by the local newspaper is TOTALLY GENIUS!!! Oh, how little did I know that the Longview News Journal writer Glen Evans would use the word in the actual word in the title.

Longview News Journal Calls JunBob a Comic Genius...So as wonderful as the article was with 2 pages chock  full of words and images, that wonderful choice of words for the title just armed my dear friends with enough ammo to give me continual grief for the next decade.

All jokes aside, this was a tremendous honor and helped finally validate my comic art interest with my parents. Thank you ShawnO for hooking me up!

Update [04/03/2007]: The online version of the article has been archived on Longview News Journal website and is now only available to registered, paid subscribers. If you’re interested in reading the article (along with the online version’s missing images from the printed version), just send me an e-mail for the PDF copy.

Correspondence with Bob Layton

Having experienced such an incredible experience as having dinner with the legendary comic book creator Bob Layton, I sent him an e-mail totally geeking out. He chose his website as the place to respond to my e-mail. You can read my e-mail and his response by clicking here. Scrolling down to mid-page, you should find my e-mail and his response and in addition, his reply to Half Hour Wasted guys’ e-mail.


What a great guy! He even checked up on me afterwards… Now I gotta get my butt cracking and send him some new drawings…

Comics NOW! Issue 1 on the Shelves

JunBobKim Nova Cover Art to Comics NOW! MagazineA labor of love by the Comic Geek Speak co-founders & its community, Comics NOW! is a magazine made  “For the Comic Book Fans By the Comic Book Fans”. It will feature in-depth articles on comic book  and comic book related topics, and many other features that should set it apart from all other pop culture related publications in print. The premier issue will also feature my rendition of Marvel’s Nova rendering as the cover art and enclose several pages inside that reveals the cover art development in stages.

So what ya waiting for? Go get your copies NOW! 🙂 

Dallas Comic Con – A Weekend to Remember

Dallas Comic Con… it’s a small size, family environment convention that usually serves as an “excuse” for me to be able to go out of town and hang out with a group of guys. Not only a chance to spend some needed time with my homie Shawn Ormes, and the Half Hour Wasted hosts Brad Milyo and Frank Rincon. I was planning on doing some 50 cent bin diving and meeting a few comic book celebrities such as Steve Niles, Terry Moore, Tim Bradstreet, Bob Layton, Cully Hamner, Scott Kurtz, etc. The show was a blast and getting to meet fellow HHW listener Bob Heine was great too.

After Dinner with Bob Layton. From Left: Shawn Ormes, me, Bob Layton, Brad Milyo (kneeling), Sorah Suhng, & Frank Rincon.What I did not know was that on Saturday evening I would be given the honor of getting to know better the comic legend himself – Bob Layton! Not only was Bob generous enough to spare his time to critic my portfolio but gave us (Shawn, Brad, Frank, and I) a chance to dine with him and his assistant, the fabulous Sorah Suhng, at the Korea House restaurant that evening. To top it off, my lovely wife Krista joined us later that evening.


I’m Proud to be an American~

Jun Speaks at his Naturalization CeremonyWell, today marked the day! It was my long-awaited Naturalization ceremony, during which I officially became a U.S. Citizen! It was 1985 since we left my birthplace of South Korea… and it truly has been a long road! I have so much to be thankful for… and so many people to thank that made this possible. Many of you that have commissioned me for artworks have played a part in my accumulating the necessary funds to pay for the process. THANK YOU. This is a happy day!

If We Knew the Future…

I was having a conversation with a friend this morning… and I had a thought: “Would we pray differently if we knew the future?” Of course, this wasn’t the issue of whether or not we’d do something drastically different if we knew the future… I am of the opinion that praying is an ACTION verb.
Praying Dino

Open for Commission

I am opening the last list for commission for ’07. I am also offering a significant discount from my regular rates… So if you were considering a commission from me and also wish to qualify for the free commission giveaway contest, this is the perfect time to do so.

For the special pricing and other info, please click here (you’ll be taken to CGS forum ).

Marvel/DC ZombieFest in Technocolor!

Alright, a few of the fellow posters from Comic Geek Speak forum took up the challenge. For a while, pocosong seemed to be the only one that making any real gain… it seems though even he was bitten by the lack-of-time bug. Out of no where, a DC colorist jumped in and rose to the occasion. His name? Allen. aka angryf. aka graphics84. His site? http://www.angryf.com. In his blog, he showcases the color image that he knocked out of the park.

Here’s the preview of the image in its full color glory! (Click on the image to launch a larger image)
CGS300 Marvel & DC ZombieFest Colored