Cyclops & Emma Frost

“X-Men Cyclops & Emma Frost Battle Sentinels” by Jun Bob Kim. Pens, Brush & Inkwash on 11″x17″ Bristol Board.

Commission – Cannonball & Nova

Comission – Cannonball & Nova. Inkwash on 11″x17″ Bristol Board.

Commission – Trapped in Arcade’s Murderworld

Commission – Spider-Man, X-Men & Avengers in Arcade’s Murderworld. Ink & Inkwash on 11″x17″ Bristol Board.

90’s X-Men – Archangel

Archangel. Part of the 11 O’Clock Comics Podcast Forum Drawing Challenge – 90’s X-Men. Inked and watercolor on 8.5″x11″ Strathmore Bristol Board.

Jubilee & Nightcrawler – Age of Apocalypse

Jubilee & Nightcrawler – Age of Apocalypse. India Ink/Inkwash on 11″x17″ Bristol Board.

Other Age of Apocalypse Commissions (part of Tyler King’s collection):

WINNER! Uncanny X-Men #114 Give-Away Contest

Well, I’m thrilled to share that my entry to xerox-kitty’s Uncanny X-Men #114 Give-Away Contest at Comic VineColossus X-Men Evolution Cover – was voted the winner! Here is her announcement:

Not only was the contest fun to participate, the community at Comic Vine seems to be very warm, welcoming. If you haven’t done so, I recommend checking out all the comic-related interests that Comic Vine has to offer.

P.S. – Below was the initial contest announcement by xerox-kitty:

X-Men Evolution – Colossus

Ink wash on 17″x11″ Bristol Board. Digital Colors.

AoA Magneto & Bishop Stand Guard

Inkwash on 11″x17″ Bristol Board.

Cyclops & Blink – Age of Apocalypse

Inked on 11×17 Bristol Board. Click on the image for a larger version.

Mr. Sinister

Inked 8.5×11 Bristol Board.

Click the image to see a larger version