Ursula Wilde in Peril -Pencils

Steve Bryant’s Ursula Wilde hangs in peril. Penciled on 11″x14″ Bristol board. To be inked.

Kamandi & Prince Tufta -WIP

Kamandi & Prince Tufta Battling the Rats. Pencils in Progress.

Warrior Goddess

Warrior Goddess in a Reflection Pool. Inked on an 11×17 Strathmore Bristol Board.

Pencils of the Warrior Goddess in a Reflection Pool.

Hal Jordan vs. Atrocitus Pencils

Pencils of Hal Jordan vs. Red Lantern Atrocitus prior to inking.

Flash Gordon – A Tribute to Al Williamson

Sadly another of comic’s legend has passed away earlier this week. As many others influenced by Mr. Williamson’s accomplishments, I was deeply moved to do a tribute piece. Here’s my attempt at drawing Flash Gordon mimicking Al Williamson’s style as best I could muster. I know it pales to his work in too many ways to mention, I finished the whole piece from pencil to ink in record time for me – 8 hrs!
Inked on 11″x17″ Bristol Board.

R.I.P. – Al Williamson.

Athena Voltaire vs. Anubis’ Army of Mummies

First of all, if you haven’t checked out Athena Voltaire, you’re missing out on one of the most pulpy comic book goodness of our time. Created by my friend and collaborator, Steve Bryant, the books unveil the story of an adventure-bound aviatrix who encounters all sorts of mysteries in the veins of Indiana Jones.

When Athena was named the theme for ComicTwart contributors, an art blog made up of several fantastic industry artists, I jumped at the chance to do my own play-along version. What you may notice on my inked version of “Athena Voltaire vs. Anubis’ Army of Mummies” is that Anubis’ body is solid black unlike the pencils. During the inking stage, I noticed that the details of his body contour was distracting and the solid black helped frame Athena better as the focus center.

Finished piece inked solid and with a bit of ink wash on 11″x17″ Bristol board.


Batgirl & Miss Martian

Latest Commission of Batgirl & Miss Martian. Inked on 11″x17″ Bristol Board. Click on the image to see a larger version.


Holly from “Cipher”

A penciled sketch of Holly from Cipher, an upcoming comic book by creator Steve Bryant, co-writer Molly McBride, and art by Jun Bob Kim. The book was previously marketed as Ursula Widle, the main protagonist of the book.

Djinn and Shaky

A Djinn (Genie) and Shaky. What could they possibly have in common?

Donna Troy & Wonder Girl

Pencils on 11×17 Bristol Board.

Click to view a larger image