PULP – Dejah Thoris

Pulp Sketch – Dejah Thoris in Walking Dead on Barsoom by Jun Bob Kim. Inked on 8.5″x11″ Bristol Board.

Pulp – Dejah Thoris

PULP – John Carter

Pulp Sketch – Edgard Rice Burrough’s John Carter in Man of Two Worlds by Jun Bob Kim. Inked on 8.5″x11″ Bristol Board.

Pulp – John Carter

ERB Jeddak Tars Tarkas

Sketch of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Jeddak Tars Tarkas from the Mars series.
Inked on 11″x14″ Bristol Board.

One Minute Later – Killraven in Amazing Adventures 30

The second commission, as part of ONE MINUTE LATER, a themed cover re-creation collection by an avid original art collector named Michael Finn. You can read about my first OML commission HERE.

One Minute Later – Killraven on Amazing Adventures 30 Cover. Killraven, M’Shulla, and Mint Julep turn the tables on the Martians. Inked and inkwash on 11″x17″ Bristol Board.

Below is Michael’s post-production work, including the side-by-side composition with the original cover art:

Edgar Rice Burroughs Princess of Mars – Updated

The Work-In-Progress pencils of my Princess of Mars illustration. I’ve been itching to try my own interpretation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ vision for the characters, working entirely from his text in Princess of Mars. Although it was challenging, I did the best I could to shy away from becoming influenced by other existing interpretations, including the latest Disney’s movie John Carter.
Final Pencils (Updated 03/14/2012):

WIP Pencils:

Below are some of my notes from the text:
Tars Tarkas, an adult male Thark

  • 40′ long metal tipped spear
  • protruded eyes on extreme sides of the head
  • vertical slits for nose
  • tusks used for fighting
  • 15 ft tall, 6 limbed, no nails
  • no hair, smooth build, dark olive skin
  • Jeds & Jeddaks wear feather fur lined silk short cape
  • red iris, white eye, gleaming white teeth

The thoat

  • 8-legged creature
  • Can walk very quietly
  • Hairless
  • Shiny
  • No hoofs or nails
  • Tail flare out wider at the tip than the base