Marvel/DC ZombieFest in Technocolor!

Alright, a few of the fellow posters from Comic Geek Speak forum took up the challenge. For a while, pocosong seemed to be the only one that making any real gain… it seems though even he was bitten by the lack-of-time bug. Out of no where, a DC colorist jumped in and rose to the occasion. His name? Allen. aka angryf. aka graphics84. His site? In his blog, he showcases the color image that he knocked out of the park.

Here’s the preview of the image in its full color glory! (Click on the image to launch a larger image)
CGS300 Marvel & DC ZombieFest Colored

CGS Coloring Contest

Well, my fellow CGS artists were having a grand-ol’-time with coloring contest of various sorts… I don’t know what came over me… but I thought I’d create some ripples on their calm pond… I threw out a challenge for them to color my submission to the CGS300 special edition comic book. For those unfamiliar with the submission, here’s the preview:
CGS300 Zombie Fest

For more detail interactions and even hi-rez images you can download for your coloring fun, visit this thread on The Comics Forum.

We have arrived!

Despite the unattentive shuttle service at express parking and crazy lines at airport security, Brad, Frank and I have mde the flight. Smooth flight with a few quirks of people grabbing whatever seats they want. It's sunny and around 70 degrees here at 11AM. After the rental car, we're gonna kill about an hour or two before picking up Austin.

CGS Episode 300, here I come!

Okay. In a mad rush, I gathered together the things I would need for the historical recording of Comic Geek Speak’s Episode 300. I plan on traveling somewhat light… only carrying supplies I would need to do pencils and inks. This is the first time in a long time I’m traveling WITHOUT my laptop. With each moment, I’m getting more nervous about not having my laptop with me. I am also forgoing my high-end digital camera… Man, what a slacker!

Anyways, here’s a preview of one essential I cannot forget:

Human Fly? What in the World?!

So, those crazy greeks on Comic Geek Speak throw out not just a 70’s Marvel Fanpic Challenge, but Jamie D ups the ante with a suggestion for Human Fly.

Human Fly? Human FLY? I don’t need to stinkin’ Human Fly!

So needless to say, I went ahead and painted one up. 🙂

Second Chance Illustrated for Comic Geek Speak.

So, the episodes of Comic Geek Speak of “creating a new character” inspired me to do some sketches. As far as the forum is concerned, I’m contributing after a whole generation of forum had past, etc. So far, good feedback is given and the part that pleases me the most is that many are agreeing that I am “staying in theme” with the character descriptions.

I’ve been having fun doing the sketches, but I’m afraid the fun sketches will have to slow down so I can devote more time to the Issue Zero of the project.