Golden Age Alan Scott

DC Comics Golden Age Alan Scottby Jun Bob Kim. Pens, Brush & Inks on 8.5″x11″ Bristol Board.

Golden Age JSA – Green Lantern

Green Lantern (Alan Scott) from the Golden Age Justice Society of America. India Ink on 8″x11″ Bristol Board.30 JSA Sketches in 30 Days – Gallery:
Golden Age JSA - Hawkman

Kingdom Come Green Lantern Inked

In part of Kingdom Come series illustrations that I’d been inspired to draw, Kingdom Come Green Lantern.

The Kingdom Come Green Lantern Penciled. Click Here.
The Kingdom Come Superman vs. Captain Marvel Inked. Click Here.

KC Superman & Alan Scott Green Lantern

2 penciled commissions for c.k.clark of CGS… Of course, I enjoyed drawing one of my favorite versions of Superman once again.