I’m Proud to be an American~

Jun Speaks at his Naturalization CeremonyWell, today marked the day! It was my long-awaited Naturalization ceremony, during which I officially became a U.S. Citizen! It was 1985 since we left my birthplace of South Korea… and it truly has been a long road! I have so much to be thankful for… and so many people to thank that made this possible. Many of you that have commissioned me for artworks have played a part in my accumulating the necessary funds to pay for the process. THANK YOU. This is a happy day!

7 responses to “I’m Proud to be an American~”

  1. Congrats, buddy!

    Next step . . . jury duty. 😉

  2. JunBobKim says:

    Oh, yeah… I’ve been looking forward to that jury duty and the $2 full work day compensation! 😀 Funny thing is that the photo shows me standing up from my seat, which also happened to be in the jury box.

  3. brian says:

    grats junbob. do you still say ‘stuffs’ a lot? ^^

  4. JunBobKim says:

    It all depends on what kind of ‘Stuffs”…

  5. matchkitjohn says:

    I’m a little late but congratulations!

  6. JunBobKim says:

    Never too late for the festivities! Thank you John.

    Gosh, I need to update my blog… so much has happened in the past few months… but I’ve been slacking!!!

  7. Soma sen….

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