ERB Princess of Mars – John Carter, Dejah Thoris & Tars Tarkas

As mentioned in posted in an earlier post, I tried my hand at illustrating my own interpretation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ vision for the characters, working entirely from his text in Princess of Mars.

“To Capture a Princess” – Edgar Rice Burrough’s Princess of Mars (John Carter, Dejah Thoris & Tars Tarkas on a thoat )

FINAL Pencils (Updated 03/14/2012).

WIP Pencils.

Some of my notes from the text:

    Tars Tarkas, an adult male Thark

  • 40′ long metal tipped spear
  • protruded eyes on extreme sides of the head
  • vertical slits for nose
  • tusks used for fighting
  • 15 ft tall, 6 limbed, no nails
  • no hair, smooth build, dark olive skin
  • Jeds & Jeddaks wear feather fur lined silk short cape
  • red iris, white eye, gleaming white teeth
    The thoat

  • 8-legged creature
  • Can walk very quietly
  • Hairless
  • Shiny
  • No hoofs or nails
  • Tail flare out wider at the tip than the base

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