Original Art Giveaway!

In my recent post, I’ve shared with you that Steve Bryant’s Athena Voltaire Compendium, a 224-page, $19.99 hardcover from Dark Horse / Pulp Sequentials, is available for pre-order during the month of August. I have seen this available for as low as 50% off by one of the online retailers, even when this book should be a must-buy even at the ridiculously-low cover price of $20!
Since the success of this book hinges so much on the preorders, I thought up of a little crazy competition that anyone can participate by preordering the book. The Prize is an original Athena Voltaire 11″x17″ art that I’d drawn back in 2010:
I’ll pay for the shipping of this to the winner’s address in Continental US.

How will the the Winner be determined? By most copies of Athena Voltaire Compendium pre-ordered by ONE individual! I did mention that this was a crazy idea, right?

To qualify, I need you to post on Twitter or Facebook or Google+ tagged with #AVCompendiumGiveAway, a snapshot of the proof (invoice or receipt) that shows the qty & your name. From now until midnight of 9/5, you can “up the ante” as many times as you want. If we have multiple entries at the highest count, I’ll do a random draw for the ultimate winner. The winner will be announced on Monday, 9/8 and the original art will be shipped to the winner after he/she sends in a photo confirmation of the books in possession. To make it fair, this contest is open only to individuals that purchased the books for personal use (it’ll make a great gift to family & friends!), not solely for resale. Please make sure you remove any personal info on the proof photos, and if you’d rather not post it online but still want to participate in the contest, please email me directly at junbobkim (at) gmail.com.

Also, because there’s already a person that has purchased 5 copies of the book, so technically, you need to have pre-ordered at least 5 copies to be in the running.

Good luck!!!

It’s Been A While…

It has been way too long since an update, much less an art update. Unfortunately, I’m sorry to report that I don’t have any estimated time yet for me to return to drawing.

There’s a bit of exciting news I’d like to share. My dear friend and collaborator Steve Bryant’s Athena Voltaire is coming back to print as a full-color 224-pages hard cover in Athena Voltaire Compendium published by Sequential Pulp / Dark Horse! The book is in August Previews right now and available for pre-order with specialized fullcolor bookplate from several retailers. This project has been a labor of love for Steve, and I feel privileged to have been given a chance to be a collaborator on this project. The collection features our Pulp Action Heroine in world-canvasing, flying adventure showcasing undoubtably some of Steve’s best storytelling and art, as well as work from a handful of outstanding collaborators as well.
Please do me and yourself a favor and go pre-order Athena Voltaire Compendium today at your favorite comic book retailer today!!!

For information on Athena Voltaire and Steve Bryant, please visit:
Steve Bryant Official Website
Steve Bryant’s Tumblr Site

My Commission List Will Be Closed on 6/1/12

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will stop taking commission requests at least for several months, beginning June 1, 2012. I sincerely appreciate the overwhelming response from so many of you for commissions and sketches. Those of you tjat are already on the list, no need to worry – I will meet my commitments to you. If the couple of spots that are left fill up before that date, I may have to close it sooner.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I have some exciting projects in which I hope to devote all my spare time.

2 Free Sketches for C2E2 Attendees!

Howdy, Folks! Although I won’t be attending C2E2 this year, I am offering 2 different ways for those attending the show to win a Free 8.5″x11″ Inked Sketch by me (check out this page for the specifications). To clarify, 2 participating peeps will win a Free Sketch of his/her choice drawn by me. I will include the shipping also.

HOW TO ENTER: Stop by Steve Bryant’s C2E2 Artist Alley Table, located at the Artist Alley E13. Once there, I’d encourage each of you to interact with this awesome, super-nice-guy independent creator, check out his ware and maybe even purchase somethings. At this point there are two different ways you could become the winner for one of the free sketches:

Method 1: Become the Premier Patron of Steve Bryant’s C2E2 Con Appearance. Steve will be keeping a tally of purchases made with him during the show. Whoever is the largest financial spender at Steve’s table (pre-orders included) for this C2E2 show will be automatically selected for one of the free sketches.

Method 2: Become a Friend of Steve Bryant and his creative endeavors. When you do stop by talk to Steve and get to know about the different properties he is working on, including Athena Voltaire and Ursula Wilde. And then, most importantly take a photo of you and Steve (hugs & kisses are optional ;-). Then you have 1 week after the show to contact me in one of the published methods of contact (e-mail me, use my contact form, tweet me, message me via Facebook, etc.). The more creative the photo, the more pleasure it would be for me but will not increase your chance for winning. One random person will be selected to win and receive the free sketch.

That’s pretty much it! Have fun at the show folks, and thanks for stopping by Steve’s table and showing some much-deserved love for my friend.

Pardon the Interruption

Despite my best efforts, I was not able to prevent a sudden hiatus from the daily sketch challenge. I have been working night and day on a few projects that requires all of my attention at the moment. Unfortunately, they have very little to do with drawing or illustration. I plan on resuming my duties on 30 sketches in 30 days challenges as soon as I can, with hopes that the day would come in days not weeks. Thank you for your patience during this intermission.

WINNER! Uncanny X-Men #114 Give-Away Contest

Well, I’m thrilled to share that my entry to xerox-kitty’s Uncanny X-Men #114 Give-Away Contest at Comic VineColossus X-Men Evolution Cover – was voted the winner! Here is her announcement:

Not only was the contest fun to participate, the community at Comic Vine seems to be very warm, welcoming. If you haven’t done so, I recommend checking out all the comic-related interests that Comic Vine has to offer.

P.S. – Below was the initial contest announcement by xerox-kitty:

Cipher Reviewed on CBR

For those who visited Steve Bryant’s table at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, you may have noticed and picked up a Preview Edition of Cipher: The Sorcerer Pope. Come to find out that one of those that picked up a copy was Greg Burgas, the author of Comic Book Resources‘ (CBR) Comics Should Be Good column. In his July 26th edition of the column, he gave a brief recap of that event here, describing Cipher as:

Cipher: The Sorceror Pope Part One by Steve Bryant and JunBob Kim. Kim’s art is really keen, and only crazy people don’t like Bryant’s writing!

Following his brief recap, he kindly did a full review of the issue. It does include some spoilers so be sure to read at your own risk.

Non Sequitur

A random sketch. I know it’s strange but it made sense to me…

Wonder Woman Redesign by JunBobKim

With the recent buzz over DC’s icon Wonder Woman redesign by JMS & Jim Lee, I decided to try my hand at it.As with images I post, you can click on the image to see an enlarge version.

I returned to more of what I envision of Wonder Woman’s build and costume. Pants and boots… my favorite so far.

With this version, I made only very subtle alterations to the original Wonder Woman costume. Still not sure anything should be changed from the original for this icon.

One of my first attempt. My attempt at capturing the essence of JMS’s Wonder Woman redesign intentions. Ended up not really appearing “modern” per se,, instead more reminiscent of a go go dancer.

Ink version and maybe a color version to come…

Flash Gordon – A Tribute to Al Williamson

Sadly another of comic’s legend has passed away earlier this week. As many others influenced by Mr. Williamson’s accomplishments, I was deeply moved to do a tribute piece. Here’s my attempt at drawing Flash Gordon mimicking Al Williamson’s style as best I could muster. I know it pales to his work in too many ways to mention, I finished the whole piece from pencil to ink in record time for me – 8 hrs!
Inked on 11″x17″ Bristol Board.

R.I.P. – Al Williamson.