Cover – Forgotten Warriors

Cover to Barry Nugent’s Forgotten Warriors, the sequel to his Fallen Heroes.
Penciled & Inked on 11″x17″ Bristol Art Board. Digitally Colored.

A British author Barry Nugent had commissioned me a while back to create the cover to his self-published novel Fallen Heroes. It was my first-ever book cover design and thoroughly enjoyed working with Barry through the process. He was both gracious and patient in turning to me for the cover to the sequel, Forgotten Warriors.

Cover Art Inked & Penciled

Chalk Cover

Cover to Michael San Giacomo’s CHALK.
Penciled & Inkwashed on 11″x17″ Bristol Art Board. Digitally Colored.

Michael and I go way back to 2003, when he had originally pitched Chalk with me doing the art. The project did not find a publishing home at that time. After character design, a few sample pages & three covers, I had eventually moved on from the project. Since then Mike found a different penciler for the interior & pursued self-publishing. He plans to release the OGN this year & “brought the band back together” by asking me to do the covers.

If you “dig around” you should be able to find my original Chalk covers & pages. Good hunting! đŸ™‚

Cover Art w/o Title Block

Cover Art Inked

Cover Art Pencils

Warrior Goddess Colored

Warrior Goddess in a Reflecting Pool by Jun Bob Kim. 11×17 Prints will be made available.

Inked on an 11×17 Strathmore Bristol Board:


X-Men Evolution – Colossus

Ink wash on 17″x11″ Bristol Board. Digital Colors.

AoA Magneto & Bishop Color Study

Quick color overlays in Photoshop over the inkwashed piece.

We have a Winner!

Last week, the judges have selected the winner of Kid Midas Coloring Contest. The Winner? It’s Julian with his realistic metallic textures on the robot. Congratulations, Julian!

You can check out more of his stuff here.

Kid Midas – Now in Color.

There were numerous colored submissions of the Kid Midas art for CGS 3.2 cover. I was quite impressed with the display of sheer talent across the board. Here’s a gallery of them:

Please visit the Contest Forum to see whose submissions were what.

Second Chance, Deuce

Bryan Deemer has been working hard on revamping the Comic Geek Speak’s website. In his effort to adding more excitement to the frontpage, he asked several artists to submit original art. Although I probably should have done an Ursula Wilde piece, I had a CGS Second Chance art that I decided I should finish off. You can check out the frontpage with my art at HERE.

Kid Midas – Coloring Contest for a Chance to Get Published!

Eric White, a friend from the CGS forums, approached me for drawing the cover for the third CGS anthology book. The name of the character is Kid Midas, a golden robot created by powerful beings called Visionaries.
Here’s the description he gave me:

Kid Midas: A kid robot, built by a Visionary of an alternate universe and crossed over to this universe, he now hangs out with this Visionary and enjoys being the sidekick to the greatest hero on the planet. Midas is a golden robot, built by the techno-god of the other universe. He uses a metal slingshot and is an expert shot, sending little balls of golden fire at his enemies.
He is extremely agile and loves to take chances, much to Visionary’s dismay. I see him as a steam-robot, so if you get a design where you want to place steam vents in unlikely (or likely places) like his knees, hips, or shoulders, that’d be cool.

The cool thing is that there’s a coloring contest is being held for this cover. Anyone with the skillz can participate here: Contest Thread on HueDoo Forum