Superman versus Captain Marvel

Here’s a rough pencil of Superman versus Captain Marvel.

Click the image to see a larger version.

Jun Bob the Zombie

An excellent artist and my sister-from-another-parent Erica Hesse has taken on the initiatives to sketch a zombie a day. Listening to HHW episode 125 gave her the idea for her latest sketch — Jun Bob versus the zombies.

You can check it out on her Zombie A Day blog. Warning in advance that this site contains images of ZOMBIES (need I say more?) so click at your discretion, please.

Best Half Hour I’ve Ever Wasted

The very funny crew of Half Hour Wasted podcast graciously extended me an invitation for me to join them for another recording. Of course, I never pass up on an opportunity for me to gab… HHW joins me on a pizza run and talk more about Ursula Wilde free comic book day issue.

You can check out episode 125 post here and stream it from the site or directly download it.

I would highly suggest trying out HHW episode 50, still one of my favorite episode ever. While on their website, you can also check out Legion of Dudes podcast, a ensemble of comic enthusiasts who have done an in-depth multi-episode discussion of Watchmen graphic novel.

We have a Winner!

Last week, the judges have selected the winner of Kid Midas Coloring Contest. The Winner? It’s Julian with his realistic metallic textures on the robot. Congratulations, Julian!

You can check out more of his stuff here.

Kid Midas – Now in Color.

There were numerous colored submissions of the Kid Midas art for CGS 3.2 cover. I was quite impressed with the display of sheer talent across the board. Here’s a gallery of them:

Please visit the Contest Forum to see whose submissions were what.