I’m Proud to be an American~

Jun Speaks at his Naturalization CeremonyWell, today marked the day! It was my long-awaited Naturalization ceremony, during which I officially became a U.S. Citizen! It was 1985 since we left my birthplace of South Korea… and it truly has been a long road! I have so much to be thankful for… and so many people to thank that made this possible. Many of you that have commissioned me for artworks have played a part in my accumulating the necessary funds to pay for the process. THANK YOU. This is a happy day!

If We Knew the Future…

I was having a conversation with a friend this morning… and I had a thought: “Would we pray differently if we knew the future?” Of course, this wasn’t the issue of whether or not we’d do something drastically different if we knew the future… I am of the opinion that praying is an ACTION verb.
Praying Dino

Open for Commission

I am opening the last list for commission for ’07. I am also offering a significant discount from my regular rates… So if you were considering a commission from me and also wish to qualify for the free commission giveaway contest, this is the perfect time to do so.

For the special pricing and other info, please click here (you’ll be taken to CGS forum ).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy this wonderful holiday with your loved ones and don’t forget the food.
Overdressed Turkeys

Marvel/DC ZombieFest in Technocolor!

Alright, a few of the fellow posters from Comic Geek Speak forum took up the challenge. For a while, pocosong seemed to be the only one that making any real gain… it seems though even he was bitten by the lack-of-time bug. Out of no where, a DC colorist jumped in and rose to the occasion. His name? Allen. aka angryf. aka graphics84. His site? http://www.angryf.com. In his blog, he showcases the color image that he knocked out of the park.

Here’s the preview of the image in its full color glory! (Click on the image to launch a larger image)
CGS300 Marvel & DC ZombieFest Colored