Comic Book Idol 3?

Well, the first one I missed the cutoff for nominations. The second, I was never considered for the nomination. I’m almost torn whether I need to try it again for the third contest much like the comic artist contest version of the TV’s American Idol. However, the free trip to New York Comic Con and a chance to get to meet some editors and pros alike was worth the effort, I’d figure… Here goes nothing.

We have arrived!

Despite the unattentive shuttle service at express parking and crazy lines at airport security, Brad, Frank and I have mde the flight. Smooth flight with a few quirks of people grabbing whatever seats they want. It's sunny and around 70 degrees here at 11AM. After the rental car, we're gonna kill about an hour or two before picking up Austin.

CGS Episode 300, here I come!

Okay. In a mad rush, I gathered together the things I would need for the historical recording of Comic Geek Speak’s Episode 300. I plan on traveling somewhat light… only carrying supplies I would need to do pencils and inks. This is the first time in a long time I’m traveling WITHOUT my laptop. With each moment, I’m getting more nervous about not having my laptop with me. I am also forgoing my high-end digital camera… Man, what a slacker!

Anyways, here’s a preview of one essential I cannot forget:

Superman Redesign

Some fun, serious and not-so-serious re-imagining of Superman.