KC Superman & Alan Scott Green Lantern

2 penciled commissions for c.k.clark of CGS… Of course, I enjoyed drawing one of my favorite versions of Superman once again.

Alien Invasion – Kilowogg vs. Beta Ray Bill

A 3 piece commission for BrandX at CGS… I believe he plans on framing these pieces all in one frame.

Officially Open for Commissions.

Alright… here it goes. I am officially open to accepting commissions! Already 2 have signed up… and since a comment from Bryan Deemer at Comic Geek Speak started the latest string of commissions, I am offering the first 10 commissions a free sketch also.
It took me a while, but I’ve gathered the information together. For more information, check out the Art Commission Info & Request Form.

Human Fly? What in the World?!

So, those crazy greeks on Comic Geek Speak throw out not just a 70’s Marvel Fanpic Challenge, but Jamie D ups the ante with a suggestion for Human Fly.

Human Fly? Human FLY? I don’t need to stinkin’ Human Fly!

So needless to say, I went ahead and painted one up. 🙂

Second Chance Illustrated for Comic Geek Speak.

So, the episodes of Comic Geek Speak of “creating a new character” inspired me to do some sketches. As far as the forum is concerned, I’m contributing after a whole generation of forum had past, etc. So far, good feedback is given and the part that pleases me the most is that many are agreeing that I am “staying in theme” with the character descriptions.

I’ve been having fun doing the sketches, but I’m afraid the fun sketches will have to slow down so I can devote more time to the Issue Zero of the project.

Finally, Issue Zero Arrives!

I am sooooo stoked! Finally a script that I’ve been waiting on for good part of this year! All the past troubles that surrounded the project in the past has been cleared, and we are good to go on the project.
I know the post sounds cryptic… but I will share more news on the project as soon as we have some more materials in the works.

Some of the character images are available for viewing in my portfolio section: JunBob’s Comic Art Portfolio.